The Fountain Restaurant


The Fountain Story

It all started about 1970 when John Romano, an old RJB fan from back in the late 50’s, hired Rich Skrika to play piano at the Fountain Restaurant Thursday nights. I knew Rich from a few prior years and went there to sit in with him. To my surprise John was the owner. The place was small and although John really wanted The Riverboat Jazz Band, the price would be prohibitive. So we dropped the subject.

A short time later John and I got to tumbling things around, and in January of 1971 we decided to make an effort to get us a home stand. Ever since Dales in 1957 - 62, there was never a real RJB steady gig.  We went to work on the second weekend of the month for a trial.  Luck was with us and after a few months we began to draw crowds.

John was a great friendly practical joker we all enjoyed, and after one  night of hot jazz and extended laughter, John went home to his wife Bonnie & said; “I had such a great time with those guys tonight, I want you to know; if something ever happens to me and you keep the Fountain, I want those guys to always have their job.”  Three months later, in March 1976, John dropped dead of a massive heart seizure.  We gave him a New Orleans funeral complete with jazz band.

Unfortunately for us and the sake of jazz, in 2018 Bonnie decided to turn the Fountain over to her kids who have chosen to eliminate live music. Memories-a-plenty for many, many years. Amen.


The Fountain Restaurant

283 New Scotland Ave.

Albany, NY 12208


Home of

Skip Parsons’

Riverboat Jazz Band

From 1971 to 2019